Peralba produces chocolate for local consumption and exporting.
rainforest stream River Rafting
Two large rivers flow through Peralba, including the River da Dona which flows to the Atlantic Ocean.
Horse Riding
Peralba has acres of land to ride horses. Recently a mare gave birth to a new addition.
Free Range Cattle
With all the problems of Mad Cow Disease in the US and Europe, Fazenda Peralba is pioneering the use of modern technology for raising free ranging cattle.
Flowers and Herbs pernambuco tree planting
Fazenda Peralba is blessed with rich soil where they grow flowers, clovers, vegetables, and herbs. The goal is to be completely self-sustaining.

Saved land:
1,332,840,651 sq. ft.
30,597.8 acres
12,239.1 hectares
47.8 sq. miles

Fazenda Peralba

The Gaia Way has undertaken a number of projects which are being conducted on the Fazenda Peralba, a 1000+ acre area about 20 miles south of the city of Salvador in the state of Bahia in Brazil. We acknowledge the generous contributions of Amedeo Scabbia and Alba Souza for allowing us to use their land for these projects. On this page we tell you something about Fazenda Peralba.


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