Anne Breuer has an M.Sc. in Computer Sciences and was Vice-President of New Century Financial before joining the Gaia Way. Anne is a Master Gardener and has a certificate in Animal Rehabilitation and in Animal First Aide.    She worked as a volunteer in several animal rehab centers in California.          


Dr. James Gardner is a Clinical Psychologist. A founder of the Gaia Way, Dr. Gardner was CEO of the Internet Marketing Center of California.                
Amedeo Scabbia is a former Management Consultant. He is a graduate of the Sloan Program from the London School of Business and speaks 6 languages. He ran a cacao farm in Brazil.    


Alba Souza has an M.A. in Industrial Psychology. She is a Management Consultant.


Dr. Art Veno is a Master Woodmans and a Former Professor of Psychology. He lives in Australia where he manages 100 acres of exotic trees.
Saved land:
1,332,840,651 sq. ft.
30,597.8 acres
12,239.1 hectares
47.8 sq. miles

   About us

The Gaia Way is a 501 c (3) nonprofit California Corporation started in 2004. Our mission is to foster education in ecology with a particular emphasis on the Atlantic rainforest. Our motto is:

Ecologically Sound/Economically Viable


  You Can Help

by a generous donation of your time, energy, expertise, and resources. The Gaia Way is a collaborative efforts in which we seek to address many issues, some of which are listed here. We invite your participation, to help us with these projects or to use our resources as a base to pursue your own interests within the framework of our principles.

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