Saving the Music Tree
The Pernambuco tree (aka Pau Brazil tree) is the only source for making bows for musical instruments. Due to deforestation, there are only a handful of the pernambuco trees left. We are seeking to combine growing the pau brazil tree with the cultivation of cacao, which will mean a new birth for this rare tree. Click on the picture to learn more.
Saving the Forest
The Atlantic Forest in Brazil is rapidly disappearing due to economic pressures to convert forest land into homes and businesses. We are seeking to use the existing rainforest to produce natural products (e.g., orchids) whose economic viability will allow the tropical rainforest to survive as its own economic entity. In addition, we hope to supplement this income with fees from ecotourism. Click on the picture to learn more.

The Gaia Way is a nonprofit 501 c 3 California Corporation. Aided by international volunteers, the purpose  is to promote the use of ecological principles and to demonstrate that an ecological approach can result in economically viable projects.

We focus our efforts on the Atlantic Rain Forest in Brazil, although we believe our work has a broader application. Specifically, we are engaged in a series of projects that will demonstrate our mission statement ecological sound, economically viable.

One of our best volunteers is Igor Viznyy. This person has done a lot of work for the preservation of the forests. He loves nature and plants, so he created the wonderful project World of Garden Plants. There he shares practical tips on caring for trees and other plants.

Our partners

World of Garden Plants


by a generous donation of your volunteer time, energy, expertise, and resources. The Gaia Way is a collaborative efforts in which we seek to address many issues, some of which are listed here. We invite your participation as an international volunteer, to help us with these projects or to use our resources as a base to pursue your own interests within the framework of our principles.

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